Advertising on the screen

Active promotions beside the football game
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From retail brands to Food and Beverage establishments, the i View Classic offers a complete interactive digital signage solution.

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In the restaurant

Advertise in fron of your clients at the moment of purchase
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Advertising on the screen

Advertising on the screen
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Digital signage is an innovative, affordable solution that enables you to inform, entertain your audience and add value to your brand. With our powerful easy to use digital signage software it’s never been easier to create stunning presentation layouts which can be instantly deployed to your player locations.Digital Generation

Digital Signage is a system of electronic displays used and installed in public spaces. The most important Digital Signage function is to entertain, inform and advertise.

The advantages of Digital Signage compare to the static print advertise is, that the content can be replaced easily and cheaper, it’s possible to use video files and animations, multiple types of media files displayed in the same time, and even – the displays can be interactive.

Digital Signage is the most innovative and progressively developing new component of the marketing, sales, business communication and advertising. Today Digital Signage literally REVOLUTIONIZE the way companies communicate with their clients and advertise themselves. There is no other method witch can create exact targeted and positioned content and messages for the right audients in the exact moment, delivering the exact message.

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